Teko's fresh start

By Drum Digital
09 March 2012

On the pitch he was supposed to be Bafana Bafana’s golden boy that we all knew but no one was aware of the turmoil the former Pirates midfielder, and now Sundowns captain, was going through.

The way Teko Modise (29) tells it, he was dying a slow death which eventually affected his soccer – and his home life. His deep depression showed in his dismal performance at the 2009 ConfederationsCup and was the beginning of the lowest point in his life. He admits he was already a troubled soul when he participated at this major tournament, leading up to the 2010 World Cup.

“At that point I’d lost direction. I had no ambition and didn’t care about anything. I simply played soccer for the sake of playing,” Teko reveals in an exclusive interview with DRUM at the Mangako Spa in Bramley, Gauteng.

Looking stylish, fit and happy, Teko clearly has put the past behind him. Sipping an energy drink, the athlete chats about this painful period in his life. According to him, his troubles started about three years ago, shortly before the Confederations Cup.

By then his world was falling apart. He’d been doing very well on home soil and had big plans to establish an international career. It was a dream he’d nurtured since childhood.

When he learnt he wasn’t going to get the chance to play overseas after all, he was devastated. “It’s every player’s dream. I know for a fact that I was on the brink of getting the opportunity and when I learnt it wasn’t going to happen, I was crushed. I felt like my world was coming to an end,” Teko recalls.

Teko says that to this day he still does not understand why his former bosses denied him the opportunity to play abroad. “They knew that it wasn’t about money, it was about my dream,” he says bitterly. “Because of them I watched my dream pass me by.”

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