Testotherapy: Checking up on my exes

By Drum Digital
07 April 2017

Even if a relationship ended badly, I still want to check on my ex-girlfriends and see how they are doing.


I am one of those guys who don’t abandon people.

My current girlfriend has a major problem with this. She thinks that I want to rekindle the flame and get back with them.

What can I do to make her understand that I have no ulterior motives?


If you have no ulterior motives then the next time you want to call one of your exes you should make the call with your girlfriend in the room.

Better yet, you should put the conversation on speaker phone so that she hears each and every word that you are both saying to each other.

Surely you can understand your girlfriend’s apprehension and anxiety when you have chats with your exes. And what will you be talking about except to see if she still misses and thinks about you.

Unless you were friends before you dated and decided to become friends, then I don’t see a reason why you would want to keep contact.

If a relationship ended, that is what it means, it is over.

Leave the poor girls alone and put your energy in your relationship.

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