Testotherapy: He doesn't kiss me like he used to

By Drum Digital
15 March 2017

When we dated, my husband would kiss me and hold me for hours; however after three years of marriage, I hardly get a kiss.


I miss our passionate and stolen kisses, but I don’t get them anymore.

What can I do to for him to treat me like he used to?


There’s nothing like locking-lips to make even the oldest lovers feel like teenagers.

Unfortunately, the truth is that men tire of kissing first – while the desire to lock lips haunts women to the grave.

A kiss represents the first glimpse of a man’s capacity for tenderness and the softness of male lips that reduces a woman to custard.

If he doesn’t kiss you like he used to, it is time to switch roles and do what you want him to do to you.

Basically, you have to steal kisses and throw him up against the wall and show him what you are made of.

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