Testotherapy: He left me . . . just like that

By Drum Digital
11 April 2017

After dating for almost two years, my boyfriend ended our relationship. He explained that it had reached an expiry date.


I am still shocked and bruising a broken heart. He told me that there is no one; he just doesn’t love me anymore.

I am in my mid-twenties and now I have start all over again.

Will I ever get over him?


Yes, you will get over him. Women (and a few men) would agree that the speed at which our emotions filter through us is that of a massive theme-park roller-coaster.

We move from shock to anger to pure fury in what can only be described as a nanosecond.

There’s nothing wrong with going through the motions of sobbing and torturing yourself with what could have been, what should have been and what will never be.

However a time should come when you move on, don’t put your life on hold, and rather put yourself out there.

Go out on dates, have a girl’s night out; you certainly deserve it.

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