Testotherapy: I am having sex with my abusive ex

By Drum Digital
25 April 2017

The problem is that my ex doesn’t want to accept that we have broken up and every time we meet we end up having sex.


I broke up with the father of my child because he was abusive towards me. Then I met a wonderful man who loves me.

Is this normal?


Oh dear. You cannot go back to a senseless pig that abuses you and only wants you for sex.

You are playing with your emotions and putting yourself in danger. I understand that you have a child with this man, but surely you can see that this is a destructive relationship that will not end up good.

Someone has seen that you are not a rag doll that will be tossed and turned and they are treating you good, but you still go back to the devil you know.

If you want to make things work with the baby-daddy, then go for it, but understand that he will probably continue to klap en bliksem you when the times suits him.

I suggest you keep your distance from him and only discuss matters that involve the child.

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