Testotherapy: I am thinking of cheating on my boyfriend

By Drum Digital
21 April 2017

I want to teach him a lesson and cheat so that he feels what’s like to hurt someone.


I have a boyfriend who has cheated on me twice already and I suspect he may be doing it again. I love him very much and don’t want to leave him, but I hate that he always hurts me and promises to change but doesn’t. That’s why


It is interesting to know that a lot of women fantasise about cheating at some point in their relationships, but only a fraction of those women actually go through with it. One of the reasons why they do it is either they are bored or they “want to teach their man a lesson.” It is even crazy to know that there are dating websites out there that help people to cheat. Cheating has now become a profitable business.

Here are my reasons why at the present moment is seems ideal, but later it will turn out to be the most stupid decisions you have ever made:

The consequences of your cheating will only be known when it is too late: It will feel good or different when it begins as your hormones rage. You will have an extra bounce in your step and people will ask you why you are glowing. It might be tempting to tell your friends and if you do, some may be envious while others will totally disagree with your actions. However a time will come when you will want to get out and that will prove to be very difficult.

You will constantly be on edge and fearful of being caught: You will always have your cellphone close to you, in case your lover calls. And if he doesn’t, you will wonder why he isn’t checking up on you. You will always wonder what if someone sees you too together. You will wonder if you smell differently after you have been with him and will your man pick up your weird actions. You will play all different scenarios in your head until it spins.

Affairs are not cheap: You will have to book a room for you to do the dirty, if he is married or has a girlfriend. You will start buying sexy lingerie.  Because you want to look good for your other man, you will probably will want to go to the gym where before you couldn’t afford. You will buy him gifts to please him. And these don’t come cheap.

You will say the wrong name at the wrong time: Besides the point that you will be having sex with two men which will put you and other people’s lives in danger; there is the possibility that you will say the wrong name at the wrong time. However a time will come when you might accidentally blurt out the wrong name.

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