Testotherapy : I could be the baby's father

By Drum Digital
01 June 2016

Earlier this year my ex-girlfriend told me her two-year-old daughter is actually mine.


I had asked her if the child was mine during her pregnancy. She claims she could not tell me as I was unemployed and her boyfriend at the time was already taking care of her.

I’m not convinced and asked for a DNA test. She asked me not to get involved in the child’s life as it would end her marriage with the “current” father.

The situation is affecting my relationship with my girlfriend's daughter as we are living together. I’m providing for a child who’s not mine while my child is being raised by another man. What should I do when the DNA tests are positive?


This is very complex and I have to commend you for following up on your responsibilities as a potential father.

Some men would have simply ignored everything and just continued as if they don’t have an offspring out there. I can also understand the stress this must be having on you and your girlfriend.

Discuss the matter with your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend and come to an agreement on what your responsibilities will be if the test proves you are the father.

I also recommend you get in touch with a Social services department to find out what your rights are as a father. Just because you are unemployed doesn’t mean you cannot be a father to your child. You are not a cash-cow, but a man who wants to pass down his wisdom and love to his child.

You can’t let this slide. Fight for your right as a father. I wish you luck.

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