Testotherapy: She won't let me see my child

By Drum Digital
02 December 2016

Ever since we broke up she has refused to let me see our child


I cheated on my girlfriend two years ago and last year she broke up with me.

. She tells me I am a horrible father and don’t deserve to see my child. I’m tired of fighting her.

What can I do?

Bra Mo answers

She is upset and using the child as ammunition. If you had a child outside of marriage, the law is not father-friendly when it comes to parental rights.

Therefore you have to be smart in dealing with your baby-mama. You and your family should approach her parents and family.

If you had been a supportive father prior to you separating, then it should easier for her family to talk to her and for you to continue being a father to your daughter. Secondly, approach the Department of Social Development and ask help from a social worker in your area.

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