Testotherapy: Should I tell his girlfriend he wants me?

By Drum Digital
13 June 2016

There is a guy I’ve always liked but we have only remained friends.


Recently he started texting me and telling me how much he likes me. I considered going out with him until I found out that he has a girlfriend.

I’m angry that he wants to make me a side dish. Should I tell his girlfriend her man was trying to go out with me?

I want to teach him a lesson.


You can even go further than that. You can let his girlfriend and the whole world know by putting a status on your Facebook wall and tagging him.

This is bound to seriously embarrass him and I can assure you that he won’t call you again. However, you could opt to just tell him that you’re not interested.

Sadly, I’m afraid that if you tell his girlfriend she could be in denial and turn things on you by saying that you are the one who is after her man.

Therefore just ignore his texts and he will get the message.

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