Testotherapy: Some of the reasons which cause early ejaculation

By Drum Digital
18 January 2017

We look at three causes and three possible solutions

The three main reasons:

Genes: The fact is that a man’s body is meant to reproduce and wants to do this as quickly as possible before he dies, therefore a man climaxes quickly to achieve this.

Masturbation: If a guy played too much with his tool when he was a teenager, he may have over-exhausted his engine and ‘rewired’ his body for a super quick response.

Lack of body knowledge: Most men and women have no idea how the ejaculatory process works. If you understand a problem, you can solve it, right?

How do you get help?

In three steps:

Mental control: It’s all in your mind. The thoughts running through a man’s mind during sex can make a huge difference to how long he lasts. So, think of baseball, soccer, the economy, no scratches that, it might make you flaccid.  So keep thinking about sport.

Physical control: Exercise, eating the right foods and cutting down on alcohol are all factors that contribute to a healthy sex life.

Hormone Regulation: Educate yourself about the process. If your partner is taking pills, what kind of pills is he taking and how does it affect his mood and overall his hormones.

A combination of these factors can have huge improvements in a man’s lovemaking.

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