Thabo Mokwele opens up about what he almost became

By Drum Digital
08 June 2017

Thabo has since become one of the most formidable forces in radio.

Thabo M0kwele has been in the broadcasting world for over 20 years and he said he has loved every minute of it. However, the legendary broadcaster who is also a qualified chemical engineer almost didn't get into radio.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on her show Real Talk with Anele, Thabo revealed that he almost took an offer to work as a chemical engineer in a chemical company, but luckily he declined it.

"The very same month I went for an audition at YFM is the same month I got an offer to work for a chemical company, but I declined that offer. The chemical company was offering we four times more than what YFM was offering," Thabo explained.

Thabo said because he felt that the chemical engineering life was mundane he chose radio and when he told his mom she wasn't initially impressed and for the idea of leaving a better paying job for less, but over time she agreed to let him do his own thing.

"I had to convince my mother and after a while she agreed. My father said I should go for it because he felt he had given me the education and I was now man enough to make the decision to choose my own path," Thabo added.

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