Thandiswa has great news to share

By Drum Digital
26 May 2017

Please can we be sexy for a minute - Thandiswa

Award winning singer and song writer Thandiswa Mazwa who released her last album Belede last October is already ready to release another album.  Thandiswa spoke about that the new album this morning on Metro FM during DJ Fresh's show.

"I am working on some new stuff, it's tricky because I am doing too many things. I am also working on an erotic album, which is confusing to a lot of people that are like 'Thandiswa, sister of the nation, erotic album?' But I'm just like 'Yes, please can we be sexy for a minute. Just don't let the children listen to this one," she told DJ Fresh.

"I am doing a collaboration with the Black Jacks for a punk rock album. So that I can engage my angry/rage side," she added.

With the way every work of Thandiswa's has always been great we are definitely looking forward to her new music.

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