"Thank you for the love" - Nandi Madida bids viewers farewell

By Drum Digital
03 November 2016

Nandi will officially be leaving our screens to take maternity leave, she'll be returning to our screens again in 2017

Nandi will be vacating our screens to take maternity leave, and she'll return again in 2017

Mrs Madida took to social media to make the official announcement, stating that Thursday was her last day on screen. "Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year as I begin my maternity leave."

She reflected on the year, appreciating all the goodness that has come her way. "2016 has been such an incredible year! So excited for 2017! Thank you@BET_Africa and @Ayandathabethe for being such a great co-host and friend> said the mother-to-be.

Nandi can't wait for the new year to begin so that she can grace out TV screens: "Can't wait to be back early next year to do it all over again, as I embark on this beautiful new journey. Thank you for the love," she added.

Image: Nandi Madida Instagram Image: Nandi Madida Instagram

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