Thapelo Mokoena lucky to be alive

By Pheto Ramakobya
11 January 2016

Actor and TV personality Thapelo Mokoena is a lucky man to be alive after surviving a hit and run.

Mokoena took to Facebook to explain the incident that happened on the 5th of January 2016 with pictures of his injuries.

He posted that he was well on his 10KM run when he gained consciousness from an alleged hit and run.

“The next thing I know I wake up on the side of the road bleeding everywhere( from my head, my arms & my legs). I am disorientated, shouting at the man helping me. He keeps saying, "I'm calling an ambulance, you are badly hurt!" and I keep saying, "No! Take me to my house or I'll walk there. I want to see my wife and my son," Mokoena said.

The actor was rushed to hospital where he collapsed on to the stretcher bed.

According to an eye-witness account, two white males in a red German car that was driving on the fast lane came over to the slow late to knock him out.

“Now according to the 2 street rubbel collecter guys, a red Audi was driving on the fast lane and changed lanes to come to the slow lane to knock me out the road and got back on the fast lane to drive off. Literally HIT & RUN! I was unconcious for 15 to 20 minutes on the road and i miraculously took a huge gasp of air and went manic. According to the 2 street guys, the driver of the vehicle and his passenger where white males..."

We are glad he survived and recovering.

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