That old Madiba magic

By Drum Digital
13 December 2013

Statesmen, struggle stalwarts and ordinary people loved him - a few of those whose lives he touched share the moments that made him so special to them.

HE WENT from prisoner to president, putting his personal feelings aside after ?27 years in jail to unite a bitterly divided nation and lead them into a brave, new future.

In the process Nelson Mandela became a beacon of hope for South Africa and the rest of the world as he proved that with courage and conviction anything is ?possible.

People admired, revered and respected him – but what really set him apart from other leaders was that he was so loved.

His special blend of humour, warmth, ?charisma and humility was irresistible.

Madiba magic . . . it won the day every time.

But who was this great man and what made him tick? In this extract from Mandela: The Authorised Portrait, published in 2012, world leaders, friends and struggle comrades share their special memories to create a compelling picture of Madiba through the eyes of the people who knew him best.

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