The 10 types of mom on Facebook

By Drum Digital
31 March 2015

Which one do you think you are?

Social media can be a wonderful thing – you can share photos and news with friends, read what’s going on in the world and keep in touch with friends and family far away.

But networks such as Facebook can hold frustrations – especially when certain kinds of mom use them.

Here are the 10 types of mom you’ll come across on Facebook. Which one are you?

The recipe mom

Her timeline is filled with recipes and you wonder if this mom ever has the time to make all the dishes for which she so eagerly shares the recipes. You can tell when she’s going through a dessert phase, or when she’s decided the family must lose weight and suddenly shares only salad recipes.

Typical post: “I can’t wait to make these date-and-nut balls. They look tastier than yesterday’s chocolate cookies.”

The fit mom

When you’ve just sat down at your computer with something nice to eat for a Facebook session, the last thing you’re in the mood for is the ever-exercising fit mom.

If she isn’t sharing photos of the long cycle tour she recently completed it’s selfies taken at gym or photos of her new gym outfit. And the more she exercises the more guilty you feel because your aren’t doing the same.

Typical post: “Great 10 km run before work. Looking forward to the weekend’s race.”

The ‘Are you a mother?’ mom

If you didnt know better you’d think this mom was childless. Her profile is full of parties, and there’s no trace of children in sight.

Typical post: “Exhausted after last night. Thanks, Janine and John, for the great party – I have a headache this morning.”

The boasting mom

You won’t wonder if this mom has children because she never stops telling you about their achievements. From gold medals for sport to top-achiever prizes in the classroom, this mom’s children are winners – and she makes sure you know it.

Typical post: “So proud of Stefan. First-team captain again and we heard today he’s been accepted for medicine. So excited.”

The do-it-yourself mom

You’re sometimes too lazy to cook a meal but this hard-working mom is ready for anything. Just last week she redecorated the children’s room and this week the entrance hall is getting a makeover in mosaic tiles. Next month it’s her youngest child’s birthday – and don’t think she’ll buy anything she can make herself.

Typical post: “Made these picture frames for the girls’ room. Didn’t cost more than R30 for both.The girls love them.”

The moaning mom

Everyone knows children are sometimes a challenge, but this mom’s profile is one long moan. If her second child isn’t battling an ear infection, she’s announcing her baby recently scribbled on the sofa with crayons. A quick look at her timeline is enough to make any mom despondent, so you move on to avoid her endless complaining.

Typical post: “Four hundred rand to have Stephanie’s hair cut. Now to make dinner . . . sigh.”

The shares-too-much mom

You feel as if you’re living with her and her family because every time you log on to Facebook this mom has shared something new. By now you know she drops her baby at crèche at 8 am and you’re always informed if the shop has run out of milk. And don’t forget family holidays and weekends when she’ll share photos of their outings every half hour.

Typical post: “Although the baby slept badly the family are now in bed with tea and pancakes and the newspaper. Later we have to fix Paul’s bike before hitting the road to Granny’s place.”

The paranoid mom

She believes everything in the world makes you ill or fat or kills you, and is always ready to listen to the latest conspiracy theory. This mom trusts no one – from everyday foods that cause cancer to cunning plots by a popular toy manufacturer – her timeline is one long warning.

Typical post: “NB! DON’T give this product to your baby! A child in America was left alone with it for half an hour and nearly died!”

The enthusiastic mom-to-be

She hasn’t had the baby yet but you’re already sick of her posts. The photo session she had, the ultrasound scans she’s shared, the nursery that’s being painted – you name it.

Typical post: “Only 34-and-a-half sleeps until our new baby arrives. We’re celebrating with pink cupcakes.”

The favour mom

To her, Facebook is a resource and she uses it for everything from advice to begging favours. Although her continual requests for a lift, advice or a recommendation for a primary school are sometimes a headache, it’s worth reading her posts because you might learn a thing or two.

Typical post: “Does anyone know a reliable ballet teacher in the Kenilworth area of Cape Town? Also looking for a pair of second-hand ballet shoes.”

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