The absent father 3/6

By Drum Digital
23 May 2014

He longed to go and comfort both women but knew very well that his mom would be very cross if she discovered he had been hiding and had seen her crying. So, instead, once the coast was clear, he’d run out and pick some wild nasturtiums, bougainvillea, roses, or whatever flowers happened to be in season and take them home to her.

She’d always smile and hug him. Michael was happy knowing he had made her happy.

Granny would ruffle his hair and tell him that one day he’d grow up into a fine gentleman – just like his father and grandfather.

Michael’s dad had never been there for the special moments in his life – his first day at school, for instance, or at the end of each year when, without fail, he had been awarded the best pupil of the year award. Mom had the photographer take a special picture of him that she mailed off to Dad. He had born and everybody, Michael included, fell in love with the new baby.

Now Michael was 18 years old. He was due to sit his matric exams at the end of the year. He had continued to do well at school and had received many accolades and trophies throughout high school. The whole family was proud of him.

Michael wanted to go to university and study law. More than anything in the world he wanted to become a lawyer. But something was standing in the way of his dream.

To be continued….

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