The absent father 5/6

By Drum Digital
27 May 2014

Michael wants to follow his dreams, will his father allow him to?

He nodded but made no comment. He should have known that his mom would understand all the emotions going through his mind. After all, she was a shrewd woman.

He looked at her over the rim of his mug as he drank his tea.

“You can be your own young man now,” she continued softly. “You don’t have to worry about us women all the time.”

“But what about when he leaves again?”Michael asked.

“Go and talk to your father,” Mom said as she turned around to face the stove. “He’s waiting for you. He likes this time alone with you.”

Michael drained the last of his tea and stepped outside to begin to get to know his father all over again – even though every time he did this, his father left again, making him feel lonelier than ever.

“Good morning, son,” his father greeted cheerfully from beside the chicken coop.

“These hens are laying well. I’ve collected a dozen eggs this morning.”

Michael smiled at his father and nodded, but for the life of him he couldn’t think of anything to say in return.

“Come along,” Dad said as he began his walk over the land. Michael followed him.

His father didn’t seem to notice that he hadn’t said a word – if he did, he made no comment.

Dad told Michael how proud he was of him and congratulated him on how well he had helped the women look after the place.

Michael wanted to bring up the subject of leaving and going to university. He had already been offered a bursary to study law but he hadn’t yet told his family.

“Come and sit here beside me,” Dad said, settling onto a boulder that marked the end of his property. Michael sat down next to him.

“I’ve got some important news for you, son,” Dad said.

What could Michael's father want to tell him? Could these be the news he's been waiting  to hear?

To be continued….

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