The absent father 6/6

By Drum Digital
28 May 2014

Will Michael get his father's blessings?

“I’m not going back to work in the city.”

Michael looked at him in astonishment, his mouth hanging open. He could hardly believe what he was hearing.

“Your mom and I have it all worked out. I’ve got some money saved, so we’re going to buy more hens and a few cattle. If we’re careful we should manage okay.”

“That’s great news,” Michael said, unable to contain his excitement. Then he told his dad about the bursary offer, ending with, “Well, it depends on my matric marks, of course.”

“You’ll get the bursary!” Dad put his arm round Michael’s shoulders. “I’ll be here now, son, so you have no excuse not to study,” he said playfully.

“I want to be a lawyer.”

“You’ll make a fine lawyer. You can be anything you want; I won’t stand in your


Father and son smiled at each other. They were more alike than either of them had realised.

And many years later, in his chambers, a greying Michael sent his thoughts flying back to that golden morning when his legal career had begun.

And he thought that if it had not been for the cruelty of history Dad could have sat on the bench of the Constitutional Court before his son did.


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