The best thing I ever did was get married to Simphiwe-Dumi on his wife

By Molife Kumona
24 May 2017

She fell in love with the me I was afraid to become.

Five months before his father passed, Dumi paid lobolo for Muvhango actress Simphiwe Ngema. The couplehad dated for three and a half years before Dumi popped the question. News of their marriage took people by surprise as the couple had kept their relationship private. And this past weekend Simphiwe and Dumi had their traditional wedding.

“It was a family affair where no media or press was invited. It was an intimate celebration. So by the time people caught on in August when Simphiwe posted on Instagram that she was my wife, we had been married  already,” Dumi tells DRUM.

Dumi is clearly smitten with his wife. One of the reasons he knew Simphiwe (27) was the one is because she inspires him to be a better man.

“ She was sent by God to pull me to myself, to be a better man than I have ever been. She helps me be the best me I can be. The best thing I ever did was get married to Simphiwe,” he gushes.

The love-struck star has some advice for those looking for love, too. “The girls just get prettier and younger as time goes on. So if you look for just the surface things you won’t fail, but it’s the real and honest connection that’s hard to find. I am grateful to God I have found mine.”

Based on how he speaks of his new bride, we can only imagine what a love-filled fest their white wedding will be.

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