The Betrayal 1/4

By Drum Digital
04 March 2014

Lerato's world collapsed, but she refused to be beaten.

Thabo’s cellphone rang for the umpteenth time while he was sitting at the dinner table with his wife and children. “It’s Kenneth from my office.

I have to go back to work – please don’t wait up for me, it’s going to be a long night. We’re expecting the auditors tomorrow and I have to make sure that our books are in order,” he said, and hastily planted a kiss on Lerato’s dimpled cheek.

His wife was wearing a blue chiffon top with crisp white cotton shorts which revealed her perfectly toned thighs thanks to years of jogging in the mornings. The puzzled expression on her delicate face couldn’t make her less gorgeous. She was an African queen in her own right.

“But Thabo, it’s so late and you have been working late every night including weekends for the past six months. We hardly see you, and the kids miss you!”

He wiped the sweat off his face with a neat white handkerchief and shook his head, starting to get impatient.

“Don’t you start with me now! I’m already under so much pressure at work trying to earn a decent salary to feed and clothe you all,” he snapped at her.

Hurt by his outburst, she replied: “Oh, so you’re taking me on a guilt trip now? Whose idea was it that I should close my profitable little business to be a full-time mother and housewife?”

Thabo snorted, “Do you call that a job, digging and planting like some farm girl?”

Lerato shot back, “I was managing a successful organic nursery and I was about to sign a lucrative contract with one of South Africa’s leading supermarkets when you got promoted and asked me to devote more time to raising our kids!”

He moved his tall, dark, athletic frame toward the door and grabbed his briefcase on the way out. Lerato stood there looking at the door after he had slammed it.

She was still very much in love with her husband. Her world revolved around him and she couldn’t imagine life without Thabo. Troubled by his behaviour, she quickly banished the thought of him having an affair.

Thabo had always been faithful to her and she had no reason to doubt him. He had bought a lot of trendy new clothes in the past few months, but that was to fit his new image as finance CEO.

He was going on many more business trips since his promotion.

But she was a supportive wife and had never complained – not until recently when he had started working nights as well.

-by Myriam Barendse

To be continued...

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