The betrayal 1/5

By Drum Digital
09 June 2014

Mamusa had loved Andile with all her heart and had sacrificed everything for him, quite unaware that he was just using her.

Mamusa bit on her lower lip. There was a lump in her throat that kept swelling, threatening to suffocate her.

She gripped her pillow until her knuckles hurt. All that she had worked so hard for, everything that she had cherished had been taken from her – by the one man she had trusted to love and protect her.

She had been thrown out of a house she had built. At the thought of that, Mamusa finally gave in to the tears and allowed them to cascade freely down her cheeks.

She sobbed long and hard, her whole body shaking violently at every memory of how she had been betrayed.

She had met Andile when he had nothing. His dream of university had been shattered by the death of his father. She had stepped in then, because she had admired how hard he worked. Mamusa had sacrificed going to college so that he could enroll instead. Her parents had been disappointed in her. She had been right to believe in him too because he had not disappointed her. Their life together had been beautiful. Mamusa had been lucky enough to get a bursary when Andile was in his third year, so in the end she hadn’t had to wait too long for her turn to go to college.

Looking back now, she wondered whether Andile had actually loved her then or if he had just used her to get through a time that would have been difficult were it not for her.

After what seemed like an eternity, the violent sobs subsided and her crying became calmer – an expression of pain, not anger. She reflected sadly on the events of the past few days and the painful position she now found herself in.

To be continued…….

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