The betrayal 2/5

By Drum Digital
10 June 2014

Mamusa had loved Andile with all her heart and had sacrificed everything for him, quite unaware that he was just using her.

Stories about people who used their partners as stepping stones to climb to the top and then discarded them had once seemed far removed from her reality. Not any more.

Andile had become a department head in a major accounting consultancy. Then came the bombshell: Andile got married. . . yes, married – to the company’s receptionist!

Andipha was the wife recognised by the state, the woman who would enjoy the fruits of Mamusa’s labour. The thing was, she and Andile had never quite got round to getting married – they couldn’t afford both the a traditional marriage and the church wedding.

They had planned on marrying as soon as he had a decent income. Mamusa had thought it unreasonable to insist on a wedding when he needed to focus on his studies.

So she had turned a deaf ear to her parents’ warnings. All that had mattered to her then was them building a life together, and she had assumed that formalising their relationship would follow in good time.

She thought of the house they had built together, how she had made do with second- hand clothes to save for their dream home. She had been responsible for furnishing and decorating it, and she had done such a good job. Mamusa wondered now if she had any legal right to the assets they had accumulated together. She considered the facts: she and Andile had no children together, they had never legally married, and she hadn’t had proper employment throughout the time they were together.

Besides, even if she did have a legal right to any of their possessions, Mamusa did not fancy a messy court case. If she could have it her way, she and Andile would never be in a room at the same time ever again.

NOW in the comfort of her parents’ house, her sanctuary, Mamusa thought of how much she had disappointed them, shamed them. What made it even worse was that she had not received the “we told you so” lecture that she had expected. In fact, her parents had been nothing but supportive. She decided that with the help of their positive affirmations and support, she would pick up the pieces of her shattered life and start over.

To be continued…….

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