The betrayal 3/5

By Drum Digital
11 June 2014

Has Andile been using Mamusa?

She was, after all, a very smart girl, quite capable of building a life of her own. The fact that she had passed her degree well would only count in her favour. She would get a good job, preferably in a different city, and support her parents to make up for all the mistakes she had made.

Life was not easy at first, she could see her neighbours’ curious stares every time she went out, and very often she was aware of the whispers that were evidence that she was a very interesting gossip topic at the moment.

Were it not for her mother, who kept assuring her that soon they would have something new to gossip about, she might have had a break down.

It didn’t help matters that Andile’s new wife made an effort to drive by occasionally to show off a new hairstyle, a new outfit, or just to remind Mamusa that she was driving a car that should have been hers.

Once Mamusa had walked into a restaurant and her heart had frozen at the sight that greeted her. There was her beloved Andile – nibbling on his wife’s ear, smiling happily at her childish giggles – a little act for her benefit.

She had remembered the conversation she had had with Andile the day he’d sent her packing.

“You used me, Andile. You stepped on me to get to where you wanted to go, and now you throw me out at the first sign of your dream becoming a reality!”

“l did not use you, love,” he had said slyly.

“l simply took what you were willing to give and now that l don’t need it any more, just move over and make space for something that l really need.”

“And what is it you need? Do you even know what you need? Are you listening to yourself, Andile? What has happened to you?”

To be continued……….

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