The Betrayal 4/4

By Drum Digital
07 March 2014

Lerato’s world collapsed, but she refused to be beaten.

And that’s what happened. Lerato set up her business and within two months it started to become profitable. She hired qualified staff and bought a delivery van.

One day Uncle Vusi was helping her at the nursery when a handsome, well-built man in his late 30s came to visit. He introduced himself as Daniel, Uncle Vusi’s late sister’s only son. He’d recently moved to the city and they’d be seeing a lot more of him, he said, looking with interest at the beautiful woman in front of him.

True to his word, Daniel often came to visit his uncle, and afterwards he’d come over to greet Lerato and the kids. The visits became more frequent and their friendship blossomed, much to Uncle Vusi’s delight.

One Saturday afternoon he asked her out and they went to see a movie. On their return, as they strolled to the car he took her hand and she didn’t pull away. On the way Daniel bought her a bunch of red roses from a street vendor.

put his arms around her. As they kissed, Lerato knew that she was over Thabo.

Six months after their wedding, Thabo came to her nursery out of the blue.

He stammered, “Lerato, I know I behaved badly and I’m sorry that I squandered your money and put you through so much pain. I want to come back home and start all over again. I miss our home life and our children. Is it possible for you to ask for an afternoon off so we can talk?” he asked.

Lerato gave him a long look before she spoke. “Firstly, I have forgiven you for everything. And secondly, I don’t have to ask anyone for an afternoon off, because I own this place. Thirdly, I’m happily married now and we’re expecting a baby in October.”

Just then Daniel appeared and she introduced him to Thabo. Shame was written all over her ex-husband’s face. As Thabo turned to go in a hurry, she noticed how much he had aged since she had last seen him.

And Lerato finally understood that God sometimes closes one door – only to open another one.

-by Myriam Barendse

The end.

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