The betrayal 5/5

By Drum Digital
19 June 2014

Mamusa had loved Andile with all her heart and had sacrificed everything for him, quite unaware that he was just using her.

Initially she mistook the offer for a bad joke, but then Tsietsi handed her a very legitimate-looking business card and invited her to come and discuss a contract the next day.

He had a hard time convincing her that he was serious. It was only after she got home that Mamusa realised that she recognised the company on the business card. It was the same company that Andile worked for.

One month and a lot of paperwork later, Mamusa found herself in her spacious office at her new job. She still could not believe all this had happened to her and she kept expecting someone to shake her shoulder and wake her from this beautiful dream.

As she was in the middle of settling in, a knock at the door brought her face to face with the man who had broken her dreams.

He looked worn out, as if he had not been sleeping well for some time.

The expression on his face when he saw Mamusa was enough to make up for all the pain she had gone through at his hands over the past months. “You were behind my demotion,” he accused.

“You betrayed me!”

“No, sweetheart,” said Mamusa , enjoying her revenge. “You brought this upon yourself.

You are the one who stole, remember?

And it’s not called betrayal, its justice.

Get used to it!

“Now, is there anything l can help you with, Mr Sithole? If not, it’s my lunch hour.”

When Andile only stared at her, Mamusa added, “l look forward to working well with you.”

Then she walked out of the office and went to join Tsietsi at their favourite restaurant.

They had been spending quite a bit of time there recently.


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