The black widow (1/6)

By Drum Digital
11 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

When Monde’s first husband died after a short illness, nobody found it strange. Instead the people of Mango Village felt pity for her because she was too young to become a widow. A year later, she decided to get married again, and people didn’t judge her because she was young and she had to move on with her life.

Her new husband was Ntate Simenda, and he was a very wealthy man. Negative people immediately began to assume that she was after his money. They had been married for two years when Ntate Simenda fell ill. He was always in and out of hospital and eventually passed away. Some people still stood by Monde, but others began doubting her. As for Monde, she was the type of person who never entertained gossip and always ignored what people said about her.

She married for the third time and history again repeated itself. They started calling her the Black Widow. Most people in the village were certain that she had been behind all three deaths. The villagers were frustrated and reported her to the police, hoping that she would be arrested. But a constable told them: “Here we do things according to procedures. So we can’t just arrest the lady without any proof. That would be against the law!”

He frowned, and added, “Please don’t think of taking the law into your own hands.  You could get into serious trouble for doing that.”

To be  continued...

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