The black widow (2/6)

By Drum Digital
12 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

The group went back home feeling disappointed. They believed they were living with a murderer and there was nothing that they could do about it. People – especially men – kept their distance from Monde, and she was like an outcast with whom no one wanted to associate. Even Monde’s own father was starting to doubt her, and he knew his daughter very well. She had an eye for the finer things in life and liked to live in luxury. She might have murdered her husbands for the inheritance. It was a sensitive issue and Ntate Molife didn’t know how to approach his own daughter.

In the end, he said, “I’m your father and I care for you a lot, so if there’s anything that you feel you want to tell me, go ahead. I won’t judge you, we will go through it together as a family.” She was offended. “Father, what exactly are you implying?” she cried. “Do you want me to confess to things I didn’t do? I can’t believe you’re also turning against me!” “I just want to hear your side of the story,” he told her. “You are my child and it’s not easy for me to hear people calling you a murderer. I need you to tell me the truth so that I can help you.”

“It’s not easy for me either,” Monde told her father. “I’ve had sleepless nights, asking God for an explanation. It’s not my fault that I’m the victim of bad luck, which seems to follow me everywhere.

To be continued...

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