The black widow (3/6)

By Drum Digital
13 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

"I’m not a murderer, I would never do such a thing!”

Monde’s father still had his doubts. Nobody would admit to murder, as that was a complicated business. But if his daughter was really telling the truth, he had to help her. It wasn’t fair that people hated her and labelled her the Black Widow.

She sobbed, “Father, I don’t know how this problem can be solved. How can I prove my innocence?” “Give me time to think of something. The most important thing is to clear your name, so that we can move on with our lives.”

And ntateMolife began confiding in his close friends, asking them for advice. One of them told him: “I know of a female detective who is very good at solving mysteries. She doesn’t have a formal qualification – but she’s a genius and sometimes works hand-in-hand with the police. She’s Minsozi from Musanga Village.” “Are you sure that she’s really good – because I don’t want to waste my time,” said Ntate Molife. “She’s brilliant! Do you remember the serial killer of the Kabbe area? Well she’s the one who helped the police to catch him.”

Ntate Molife travelled to Musanga Village where he begged for Minsozi’s help. “Is your daughter married?” she asked “No, she’s single. No one will marry her because they’re afraid of dying. “ “You see, Ntate, at the moment what we have is speculation, not proof. No one knows exactly what is going on.

To be continued...

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