The black widow (4/6)

By Drum Digital
14 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

The only way I’ll be able to solve this mystery is if your daughter gets married. Now, go back home and create a fake marriage for your daughter!”

Ntate Molife went back home to Mango Village, and immediately set up a fake marriage to Ntate Jongwe, a younger brother of Minsozi. People were not surprised to hear that Monde was getting married for the fourth time.They just felt pity for her future husband.

When Minsozi arrived at Mango Village people were curious. Ntate Molife told the village gossips, “She’s an old family friend who’ll be staying with us for a few days.” “Are you sure you’ll be able to solve this mystery?” Monde asked Minsozi. “Nobody can outsmart me, I will solve this mystery,” said the wise woman.

The first thing Minsozi noticed was that Monde was very careless. She never paid attention to detail. Whenever she went out, her house was always left unlocked, making it easy for anyone to come in and do whatever they wished.

For weeks nothing unusual happened. Then, one day Monde and her housekeeper went off to gather firewood, and her fake husband, Jongwe, was out hunting. Minsozi was taking a nap in one of the small houses in Monde’s compound. She could feel that someone was coming. She didn’t want to alarm the intruder so she kept her silence. Minsozi slowly stood up and took a peek through the door.

To be continued...

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