The black widow (5/6)

By Drum Digital
14 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

She could see an old woman called Doris Mwaka entering the main house. She secretly followed her, and this is what she saw: the old woman went straight to the table where the food of Monde’s fake husband was placed. She took out a paper bag and seasoned the food with brown powder.

Minsozi bust into the house and caught her red-handed. She grabbed the paper bag from the old woman, and held her so that she couldn’t escape. Villagers were called to bear witness to the evil deed, and the cops came in a hurry.

When Monde came back she was shocked. Minsozi told the crowd and the police. “The proof is right here! This old woman is the one who has been murdering Monde’s husbands. She’s an evil woman who deserves to be locked up!” One of the cops asked, “We are curious. What motive does this old lady have to harm Monde – why would she do such a horrible thing?”

Monde sobbed, “Years ago, after my mother passed away, my father wanted to marry her but I stepped in. I told father that she was not a good woman, and from that day she started hating me!”

Doris Mwaka was taken away by the police. Everyone was still shocked by her actions. Monde decided to go and live somewhere far away where she could start a new peaceful life.

To be continued...

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