The black widow (6/6)

By Drum Digital
14 August 2015

After her third husband died, the village men were afraid of Monde.

She told Minsozi, “I’ll always be thankful for your help. We’ll see each other at the trial.” Then Monde said goodbye to her fake husband and left Mango Village.

On the last day of her stay, Minsozi was cleaning Monde’s house when she came across a bank deposit slip. Monde had paid a large sum of money into Doris Mwaka’s account – the day after Minsozi had arrived in Mango village. It didn’t make sense. When she asked the housekeeper, the woman said, “Maybe it’s because of her grandchild. Mama Doris has a grandson who needed an expensive operation. Last week, we heard that someone had paid for it, but we had no idea that it was the madam. If only she’d known that the old woman was evil . . .”

It took Minsozi one second to figure it out – Monde was the murderer! When her father stepped in to help she had no choice but to let him. She had taken advantage of Mama Doris, who was desperate to save her grandson’s life. So Monde paid for the operation – on condition that Mama Doris would take the blame for the murders. Everything was staged to make her get caught. And people readily believed that Ntate Molife’s decision not to marry Doris all those years ago had made her take revenge on his daughter, Monde.

Minsozi smiled and put the deposit slip into her handbag. As the bus pulled out of Mango Village, heading for Musanga, she was thinking: soon the trial will begin, and the world will know that I’ve outsmarted the Black Widow.

The End.

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