The BRT hit Jozi with a bang

By Drum Digital
16 February 2011

IT’S not what you’d expect of the offices of a taxi boss – the polished floors gleam and the big windows have sweeping city views. But here on the 11th floor of the Johannesburg Road Agency building it’s obvious that the taxi industry has come a long, long way.

Gone are the days when the industry was run in dodgy backrooms by gangs of heavies with armed guards. These days osomatekisi (taxi owners) have joined the corporate world and that’s nowhere more obvious than in the PioTrans offices in downtown Jozi, formerly the Taxi Operators Investment Companies.

PioTrans represents some 300 taxi operators and has now officially taken control of the country’s flagship Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT), also known as the Rea Vaya Bus Operating Company, in Joburg. The ring of telephones and hum of computers fills its offices, and sharply dressed men and women bustle about. It’s lunch hour and the distinctive smell of KFC hangs in the air.

Read the article in the Drum of 24 February 2011 – and share your views below.

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