The chase (2/6)

By Drum Digital
27 May 2015

Everything went wrong – without warning!

I cursed and got back on my feet, spitting soil, as the tail lights of the bus vanished around a bend.

Panting, I fled towards a taxi that had just pulled up at the kerb. Lightning scored the black sky, with a clap of thunder. I opened the taxi door, slumped on the seat and pointed down the road. “The bus!” I gasped, “Catch that bus!” “How much do you have?” the driver asked. “Just catch up with that bus, please!” The taxi skidded onto the road, into blinding cataracts of rain, too heavy for the windshield wipers of the Corolla. Hail pounded the little car like a million hammers, blotting out the road with a thick grey veil the headlights could not penetrate.

The driver hesitated, and shifted down a gear. “Drive!” I commanded. “Drive faster!” The driver grunted in protest as he put his hazard lights on, and drove slowly into the cloudburst. My mind whirled and swirled with the torrents that rushed down the taxi windows.

Then I had a thought: The girl with the glittering nose stud! She had been sitting on the seat next to me in the bus. She must have seen my gadgets, snatched them maybe. But the girl didn’t look anything like a crook. Well, in this day and age, you can’t trust anyone. Besides, those high-tech gadgets could tempt even a saint.

To be continued...

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