The chase (3/6)

By Drum Digital
28 May 2015

Everything went wrong – without warning!

I didn’t know her name. Truth be told; I never gathered the courage to ask her. For she was intimidatingly gorgeous, with a lithe figure and smooth skin the colour of almonds. She wore a tiny glittering stud in her pert little nose.

While I had read a novel, the girl was asleep. Between paragraphs, I’d steal a glimpse at her lovely face. At one point the bus had jerked to an abrupt halt, horn blaring at a group or donkeys caught in the headlight beams. The girl had woken up with a start. “What is it?” she asked me in alarm, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. Ah, those wonderful large eyes! I had a reason to look into them without staring rudely.

But I felt inadequate. I’m just a common guy, addicted to reading, a post-graduate university music student. I didn’t and couldn’t match up to her standards. Who was I to converse with such splendour? Surely she wasn’t interested in speaking to me? And so I had carried on reading, trying hard not to think about the goddess beside me.By the time I had hopped off at the bus rank, she was only a memory. For I knew better than to upset my emotions by crying for the moon.

The cab driver broke into my thoughts, saying, “It must be a Marco Polo. Those road monsters are super-fast, and we’re never going to catch it.”

To be continued...

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