The chase (4/6)

By Drum Digital
29 May 2015

Everything went wrong – without warning!

The wipers slapped at full speed, but we could barely see the road. We passed motorists who had stopped at the sides of the road, waiting for the storm to die down. Their headlights rippled feebly through the heavy rain, and hazard lights threw dim red flashes into the dark downpour as we surged ahead, leaving a wake like a motorboat.

My driver was gaining confidence, giving me hope. We must have cruised a few kilometres when the taxi rocked and veered off the road onto the slippery mud of the verge. I flinched in horror as we slid through tall grass. When it came to a halt, we both were silent for a while. Then we stepped into the punishing rain and saw that the left front tyre was in shreds.

“Pothole!” the driver said, kicking the tyre. “We’ve hit a deep pothole!” I cursed, and he cursed me back, then said, “You caused all this! How could you make me drive in such bad weather? Are you mad?” “I didn’t know it was going to end up likethis,” I said.

Thunder shook the world, sending us both to our knees. Then the downpour tailed off. Only distant lightning flashes crackled on the horizon. In silence, shoes squelching in the mud, I helped the driver jack up the taxi and fit the spare wheel.

To be continued...

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