The chase (5/6)

By Drum Digital
29 May 2015

Everything went wrong – without warning!

He was still mad, and wouldn’t look at me. I got the impression that he was going to leave me there in the dark. But he drove me back to the bus rank. I didn’t dare protest. All hope of recovering my gadgets had gone. And those expensive items were probably in the gorgeous girl’s handbag, an easy catch for her. I was very sad, almost in tears.

“It’s a donation. She deserves them.” “What?” the driver asked. “Never mind,” I told him, thinking about the three bags I had shrugged off at the bus rank before I started running. Surely it had rained on them, ruining the contents? How could I have been so silly?

As the taxi drove into the bus rank, shock grabbed me. My bags weren’t there. I told the taxi driver I’d left them next to the third lamp post. Instead of showing any sympathy, he just grunted, “Pay up!” After emptying my purse, I watched his taxi disappear into the night. I was left alone in the bus rank, dripping wet, without my gadgets, without my luggage. And a chilly wind also sprung up.

“You looking for something?” said a soft voice, and I whirled around. My mouth dropped open. Impossible! Standing under the glowing lamp was the girl with a diamond in her nose.

To be continued...

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