The chase (6/6)

By Drum Digital
29 May 2015

Everything went wrong – without warning!

For the first time I saw her full body, under the lamp post, clothed in golden light, like the statue of a goddess. I swallowed hard. She held out my Kindle and BlackBerry to me, saying, “You left these in the bus.” I stepped forward and hugged her, clinging to her body for what seemed like eternity. I could almost swear that her warmth dried my clothes. Then, with a laugh, she directed me to one of the concrete shelters of the rank, and I saw my bags!

As we sat side by side on the bench in the shelter, I was numb with confusion. She told me that her name was Lorraine. She explained what had happened: after the bus had pulled off, she saw my items and instantly told the driver to stop. He couldn’t turn back, and she opted to get off and catch a lift back to the rank.

She was lucky enough to have a family pick her up. On seeing my luggage lying at the rank, she knew I must have been somewhere in the vicinity. When the hail started pouring down, she sat in the concrete bus shelter. “I’ll take the next bus. It should be here soon,” she said.

Tears burned in my eyes. I hugged her again, wanting to kiss her. I couldn’t believe the trouble that Lorraine had gone to just to return my gadgets to me. A bus roared into the rank and she broke away gently from the embrace. I was too stunned to speak. I watched her board the bus.

As the Marco Polo pulled away into the night, it started raining again, but this time it was like a caress from heaven. I stood there in the gentle rain, watching the bus take away my sweet Lorraine. And her final words to me echoed in my head: “I’ve saved my number on your phone.”

The End.

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