The confrontation (2/7)

By Drum Digital
25 August 2015

Maria got an axe and went looking for her husband’s nyatsi.

Ntate Moka was back to his old tricks again. Every time he came home drunk he would beat up his wife and he’d started having affairs again.

Maria came to hear of it, and was told that her husband was seeing a certain young woman. According to her sources, her husband was head over heels in love with the young lady and supported her financially. The girl’s name was Julia, and she was no stranger to controversy. She was known to be a homewrecker because she only went out with rich, married men.

Some elders had tried to persuade her to live a decent life, but she was unapologetic. Julia said, “I will not apologise for how I live my life, nor will I change just to please some people.” In Mango Village, people often talked behind her back about how shameless she was but she never paid attention to their remarks.

After hearing about her husband’s affair, Maria decided that it was time to confront this woman. She knew that she was going to get into trouble if her husband found out, but she had to do it.

The next day everything was calm in Mango Village until Mama Thembi began shouting, heading for Julia’s house. They nicknamed Mama Thembi “loudspeaker” because of her sharp voice and neverending gossip.

To be continued...

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