The confrontation (3/7)

By Drum Digital
26 August 2015

Maria got an axe and went looking for her husband’s nyatsi.

Some people followed her, for they were curious to know what was Mama Thembi stopped at Julia’s house and screamed, “Child, you have to hide right now. Because your life is hanging by a thread!”

Julia didn’t seem to understand, saying, “What are you talking about? Why do you think my life is hanging by a thread?” “It’s because the wife of that rich man you’ve been seeing is coming for you. I just came from the market, and she was asking where you stay. She’s carrying an axe which I suppose is meant for you. I came as soon as I could to warn you.

“Run for your life while you still can! Because that woman means business. I tell you child, this time you’ve gone too far.”

At first, everyone – including Julia – thought Mama Thembi was making things up as usual until they saw Maria in the distance, heading towards Julia’s house. She was swinging an axe just as Mama Thembi had said.

At that moment Julia wanted to be in someone else’s shoes, but the crowd was excited by the confrontation. Perhaps Mama Thembi was right, for there was nothing more that Julia could do – but to run for her life. But as she took to her heels, her angry rival arrived, waving the axe, and all hell broke loose.

Julia started running and her rival was right behind her. She chased her out of the village and into the bush.

To be continued...

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