The confrontation (5/7)

By Drum Digital
28 August 2015

Maria got an axe and went looking for her husband’s nyatsi.

“Also, if we separate, it means I’ll get half of his fortune and he’ll never agree to that.”

“So where do I fit in?” asked Julia. “I have a plan to free myself from him. It’s no secret that you’re one of my husband’s many mistresses. That’s why I can break every bone in your body. But I would never stoop so low. All I want is for you to be part of my plan because I can’t do it alone.”

Julia was hesitant but she could see the pain in Maria’s eyes. So she agreed. Therewas no room for mistakes, and Julia had to get it right.

That weekend, when Ntate Moka came to see her, she handed him a letter, saying, “I got this yesterday and there many things in this letter which confused me. Read it and please explain it in simple terms.” Ntate Moka read the letter, and he was all smiles. He told her, “Darling, this letter states that you are the only heir to your late aunt’s fortune. She lived in Mpola and died last month. Her name was Mama Konga, did you know her?”

To be continued...

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