The confrontation (6/7)

By Drum Digital
28 August 2015

Maria got an axe and went looking for her husband’s nyatsi.

Julia expressed her shock. “Yes, I knew her, she was my father’s only sibling. But I wasn’t informed of her death. I know for sure that she was well off, she had lots of cattle, farms and businesses. Does this mean that all those riches are mine?”

“Yes, my darling Julia! It’s all yours – it says so in the letter, and there’s the name of the attorney we have to see.” Ntate Moka was excited, almost as if he were the beneficiary. Julia said, “What a pity that I am just your nyatsi! If we were engaged we could combine our fortunes and create the biggest business empire ever!”

Ntate Moka swore by all his ancestors that Julia was the love of his life. Julia kissed him and said, “Show me that you really mean it – divorce your wife. After that, we will go together to claim my inheritance and get married.”

Ntate Moka thought it over and agreed to divorce Maria. Yes, he was going to lose half of his fortune, but that was nothing compared to what he was going to get from Julia. She was a simple girl and it was going to be easy for him to steal her fortune.

Since Ntate Moka was the one who filed for divorce and there were no objections, the process was speedy.

To be continued...

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