The confrontation (7/7)

By Drum Digital
28 August 2015

Maria got an axe and went looking for her husband’s nyatsi.

In a month he was divorced. Ntate Moka happily headed back to the village where Julia was waiting to share her wealth with him. But when he got there, Julia had disappeared without a trace. No one knew when she had left nor where she was headed. And no one saw her again.

There were rumours that she had a townhouse in the northern suburbs of Joburg, but the truth of this was never established.

As for Mama Konga, it seemed that she had never existed. Maria became a prosperous businesswoman and moved to the big city. There were rumours that she was seen in Joburg with a Ben 10 half her age, but nobody could confirm that either.

And as for Ntate Moka, these days he’s just a sad poor, old man trying to cadge drinks in the Mango Village shebeen.

The End.

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