The dark side of beauty (1/5)

By Drum Digital
28 January 2015

Karabo was determined her inner beauty would shine through.

It was Karabo’s first major modelling audition – to be the face of the new Flawless Beauty make-up collection – and she’d set her heart on booking the job.

That’s how she, Karabo Masha, came to find herself in a waiting room, anxious and excited, among a sea of beautiful girls of various shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Karabo had not always been the modelling type. As a little girl she’d been a tomboy. She used to befriend boys for two main reasons; firstly, because she found them more entertaining and, secondly, she would not have to worry about comparisons of who was the prettiest.

Karabo was never considered the pretty girl growing up but as she grew older she gained a confidence about her sexuality and her looks. And eventually she felt modelling would be the best way for her to assert that newfound confidence. She had won a couple of teenage kasi beauty pageants and gone on to lessons in deportment and beauty.

A diploma in marketing followed after matric and her parents had backed her all the way, both in her studies and in Karabo’s dreams of a high-level career as a model.

Her quest had been full of ups and downs. What Karabo needed was the big break, the high-profile contract that would make her known nationally. And now the chance of that big break had come for her and the dozens of girls who were vying for a year-long contract as the face of Flawless Beauty.

Amid the giggling and hushed chatting, Karabo focused on the distinct sound of her red, suede heel tapping on the cream tiled floor. A simple yet effective way to distract herself from all that was going on around her. Usually she would bite her nails but this was hardly one of those times. For this audition she had to look her best – from head to toe. Remember, don’t trip, speak clearly and stay calm.

Don’t trip, speak clearly and stay calm, she told herself repeatedly.

A door marked AUDITION ROOM opened and a tall, slim woman dressed in black entered the room. Karabo later came to know her as Lebo. Lebo slid her glasses from the top of her head down to her eyes and glanced at the clipboard in her hand.

To be continued...

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