The dark side of beauty (2/5)

By Drum Digital
04 November 2014

Karabo was determined her inner beauty would shine through.

“Karabo Masha, you’re next,” she called out and then retreated into the room. Karabo, lengthened by her afro, stood tall. Armed with her handbag in the one hand and her portfolio in the other, she walked over to the audition room and went in, feeling confident.

She was greeted by a sight of the woman in black and two other women sitting behind a table. “Your name and age?” croaked the eldest woman impatiently. Karabo knew exactly who she was.

Evelyn Daniels, CEO of the Flawless Beauty cosmetics company. Her hair, peppered with silver strands, was tied neatly into a bun and framed her ageless complexion perfectly, as expected. Karabo assumed the younger woman in black, Lebo, was her assistant. She paid no attention to the third woman at the table.

She took a quick breath to calm herself and then answered, “My name is Karabo Masha. I’m 21 years old.” She walked towards the table to hand them her portfolio. Then she quickly reassumed her original position to await further instruction.

Evelyn paged indifferently through her portfolio, then asked Karabo to walk towards her and then return to her original spot, so she could view her body from all angles. Karabo could feel her nerves building up, which made her even more nervous – because not getting the job would set her back a week’s payment on rent.

She also had a student loan that needed to be settled. The third woman, whom Karabo had ignored, was the make-up artist. And she needed to see how the Flawless Beauty make-up would look on the candidates.

Evelyn gestured towards the end of the long room where there was a little set-up: a camera on a tripod facing a paper backdrop on the wall, which was lit by several flash heads. “Please stand in front of the camera here,” she told Karabo.

“Lebo is going to take a few close-up photos of you. We would like to see how you take to direction in front of the camera.” The beginning of the audition hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing but this was Karabo’s chance to get creative and wow them.

To be continued...

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