The dark side of beauty (5/5)

By Drum Digital
07 November 2014

Karabo was determined her inner beauty would shine through.

She felt even worse because not even her mother’s nurturing could soothe her. She felt empty and bruised. “Just remember what I told you, my baby, your beauty is revolutionary.

The world just hasn’t caught up to you yet!” Her mother’s tone was so reassuring that Karabo this time at least managed to chuckle in response. After mother and daughter had said their goodbyes, Karabo pulled herself together, gathered her belongings and carried on down the stairs. Even if she didn’t book the job it was okay, there would be others.

It was only a matter of time before it was her turn to step into the spotlight. When she reached the entrance, he stepped out onto the busy street, where the sun shone brightly. The heat immediately absorbed the air-conditioned cool from her skin. Karabo looked around to see people hiding in the shade or walking under their protective umbrellas.

She decided to stay in the sun and feel that goodness melt into her dark skin. People would have to take her as she was, no other way. As she began to take her steps toward the taxi rank she heard a pair of heels rushing behind her. “Karabo! Karabo!” a female voice yelled from behind her. Karabo turned around and was surprised to see Lebo, Evelyn’s assistant.

She stopped and waited as Lebo caught her breath. It was a long way down from the ninth floor. After composing herself, Lebo shared an even bigger surprise with Karabo: Evelyn had seen five more girls but in the end she decided that Karabo was exactly what they were looking for. She embodied inner and outer beauty. “Yes!” Karabo shouted as she punched her fist in the air.

She jumped around and did a little victory dance on the spot before realising how uncomfortable she was making Lebo feel. Karabo could not believe what she was hearing.

She had been utterly convinced that she was not going to get the job. Karabo bounced with glee as she followed Lebo back along the street and into the building. She finally had her big break.

She thought ecstatically to herself: I suppose the dark side of beauty isn’t such a bad place to be after all!

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