The dry perm

By Drum Digital
14 February 2014

We've seen this hairstyle on many celebs this year, and you can pull it off too! Here's a step by step guide to the dry perm.

Try something different this summer. The dry perm is the trendy hairstyle that can turn a bad hair day into a fresh and fashionable look. Here's how you can do it at home.

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly

Step 2: While your hair is wet, apply perm rollers. You can choose the size, but the thinner the roller the tighter the curl.

Step 3:  Sit under the dryer for about an hour.The longer the hair, the more time you need to spend under the dryer. Its important for the hair to be completely dry before you remove the rollers. If you use your handheld hair dryer, you will need to dry the hair for two hours at least.

Step 4: Once you are sure that the hair is dry, remove rollers. Don't comb the hair out rather separate curls with your fingers. Use very little Oil Sheen Spray for a healthy shine, but stay away from moisturizer as this will destroy the curls.

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