The fight (3/7)

By Drum Digital
19 August 2015

The single mother was not afraid of taking on the tsotsi. Who would win?

Everywhere, people left what they were doing and rushed to the Indian supermarket to see what was going to happen. Another column of people followed behind Miranda and her children. By the time she reached the supermarket, one would have thought she was leading a service delivery protest march.

The supermarket was a long building housing a line of shops owned by people of Indian origin. It was located next to the busiest taxi rank and along the township’s main road. In front of the supermarket was a dusty parking lot with a few big trees. This was a popular spot for unemployed, young men who congregated there every morning, smoking dagga and taunting women and schoolgirls passing down the road.

“Who is Bra Tiger?” asked Miranda when she reached a group of young men sitting under a tree in front of the supermarket. A tall, muscular, dark-skinned young man in his early 30s came out to meet the woman. He walked like a predator about to pounce on a defenceless prey. His eyeswere blood-shot red and an ugly scar ran across his forehead. He smelled of dagga and alcohol.

To be continued...

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