The fight (4/7)

By Drum Digital
20 August 2015

The single mother was not afraid of taking on the tsotsi. Who would win?

“I am Bra Tiger! Tigers don’t cry. Who wants to know?” asked the young man.

Everybody knew him in the township. He had been terrorising the area since he was 10 years old. He was recently paroled from prison after spending seven years inside for attempted murder. He was jailed for stabbing a man several times with a knife, whom he had accused of proposing love to his girlfriend.

The woman and the tsotsi looked at each other like fighters before the start of a boxing match. The crowd formed a human ring around them. Tension, thick and solid, hung in the air.

A stout woman wearing a traditional Shangaan dress shouted, “He is going to kill her. You can’t just stand here and watch this, someone call the police please!”

“My name is Miranda Mkhize, the mother of these boys,” the woman said, pointing at her two sons. “I want the two tablets that you took from them. I bought those tablets with my own hard-earned money.” “You bitch! Who are you to come here and accuse me of theft?” the tsotsi snarled, and then he cursed her private parts. The crowd winced.

To be continued.

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