The fight (5/7)

By Drum Digital
21 August 2015

The single mother was not afraid of taking on the tsotsi. Who would win?

In a split second, the tsotsi swung at the woman. His intention was to give her a vicious slap on the face, but she ducked under the swinging arm and sprang to the opposite side. The tsotsi missed and staggered forward. Then he turned around to face Miranda, who was now standing behind him.

“I will kill you, you bitch!” he said. His eyes were bulging with rage.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” the woman said. “But I warn you: I have a black belt in karate. Please give me my sons’ tablets and I will leave you alone.” The crowd laughed in disbelief. “You little . . .” And the tsotsi took a lurching step towards the woman. He swung at her with a right fist. She quickly took a step back and he missed. Then, she moved forward and hit him in the face with a right, straight punch.

Click! The sound of the tsotsi’s teeth making contact with the woman’s fist exploded in the air. The force of the punch caused the tsotsi’s neck to snap backwards. The crowd roared. The tsotsi regained his balance, took a deep breath and came forward.

To be continued...

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